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A Lifetime of Experience

Angele started putting on performances at a very young age for family and friends.  Her passion for music never wavered.  She has had private vocal lessons from 3 separate tutors.  Attended choir camp for two years.  Sang in an Allstate Chorus ensemble that she was selected for.  Sang with her High School Chorus in Disney World.  Has performed a wide variety of styles of music with an even wider variety of talented musicians.  She graduated from John Casablancas modeling school as a certified woman model.  She taught at Tahoe Truckee School of Music for 6 years.  Dedicating her time to students and fundraising efforts.  She is currently teaching at SELS in Truckee as a music enrichment teacher and choral director.  She is also performing solo and with several local talented artists.  She is currently volunteering on the board of Trails and Vistas a local non-profit.  Her focus is to provide music education for developing minds and facilitate healing through the use of music.


Music Lessons

Voice, Ukulele, Piano, Guitar

I teach all ages from the very young to the very wise.  My focus is to encourage the individual style and interests of each student.


Performance Coaching

Learn the art of stage presence

Teaching people techniques to feeling comfortable on stage.  How to interact with your audience.  This can include makeup and style instruction.

Healing Music

Inner healing through self expression

The healing art of finding your own voice.  Learning how to use it in a strong and empowering way.  
Learn to apply music techniques to help ease the burden of anxiety and depression.



     Below are images of a collage of many beloved keepsakes from some of my students over the last seven years.  You can see drawings from the children, gifts, holiday cards, and many thank you cards from different fundraisers and events I have supported with my music over the years.  This is just some of what I have saved.  




You are a dream in our Town, I don't know how to thank you enough



-Sherry Smulders McConkey

"Thank you so much for inspiring our daughter to play!  She loves her artwork on the ukulele.

-Kelley & Wyatt"

-Kelley & Wyatt Ogilvy

"Dear Angele, 

Thank you for your years of dedication to the school and your continued support.  Your wisdom, time, energy + love is greatly appreciated!!


=)   B   "

-Ben Martin

Tahoe Truckee School of Music


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