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Bringing out the musician within

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A Lifetime of Experience

As a child in Maine, Angele would sing everywhere she went.  Climbing trees, sitting among the milkweeds and playing with her horses.  She started putting on performances at a very young age for her family and friends.  Her favorite stages were Ron and Carmens fireplace, Jackie and Beas living room, and her Dads knee.  Her passion for music and nature never wavered.  She has had private vocal lessons from 3 separate tutors.  Attended choir camp for two years.  She was invited to sing in an Allstate Chorus ensemble.  Was a member of a chorus throughout the majority of her young adult life including smaller more focused choral groups.  Currently a student at Sierra Community college working towards a degree, scored a 98 in her last Music Theory class.  She graduated from John Casablancas modeling school as a certified woman model.  She taught at Tahoe Truckee School of Music for 6 years.  Also had the title of Community Liason and Fundraising Director.  She has thoroughly enjoyed her time teaching privately over the years and at schools such as SELS where she also directed a chorus.  Working with IND Entertainment has provided Angele with steady work as a performer to hone her art and she willingly shares her experience with clients.  Another great passion of Angeles is her Vocal Empowerment work.  She has offered these experiences at Yoga Studios and Polly Triplats Kiva.  The deep love of music and nature comes together for Angele when she performs for Trails and Vistas.  Dressed as a Star Seed as seen above, or a bird in a tree she shares original compositions with the hikers on the trails and conveys all of her hopes and dreams for a better world through song and movement.  Her focus is to embolden anyone interested in healthy self-expression and give them the tools to feel confident on their journey.  She has a deep sense of gratitude to people like Ben Martin, Steve Simonsen, Jessica, Dan, and so many members of her family and friends who supported her and encouraged her to pursue what she loves to do.

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Music Lessons

I teach all ages from the very young to the very wise.  My focus is to encourage the individual style and interests of each student.


Performance Coaching

Teaching people techniques to feeling comfortable on stage.  How to interact with your audience.  This can include makeup and style instruction.

Vocal Empowerment Private Sessions


      The healing art of finding your own voice.  Learning how to use it in a strong and empowering way. 

      Angele facilitates this by creating a safe container to explore your voice and its potential.  Technical vocal support is taught, and fun opportunities of self-expression are created.  


Vocal Empowerment Workshops

     This Workshop setting is great for Team Building, Corporate Retreats, Healing Retreats, family bonding, or community building efforts. 

   With this experience we engage on a group level to build technical vocal support.  Than we dive into an opportunistic setting to find comfort in self expression and have a lot of fun along the way.

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     Below are images of a collage of many beloved keepsakes from some of my students over the last decade.  You can see drawings from the children, gifts, holiday cards, and many thank you cards from different fundraisers and events I have supported with my music over the years.  This is just some of what I have saved.  

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You are a dream in our Town, I don't know how to thank you enough



-Sherry Smulders McConkey


"Thank you so much for inspiring our daughter to play!  She loves her artwork on the ukulele.

-Kelley & Wyatt"

-Kelley & Wyatt Ogilvy


"Dear Angele, 

Thank you for your years of dedication to the school and your continued support.  Your wisdom, time, energy + love is greatly appreciated!!


=)   B   "

-Ben Martin

Tahoe Truckee School of Music

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